Meet the ISN Board:

 Marjon Hilhorst - President
 G'day! I'm a Political Science student with a love for Australia, tea, bad tv-shows, travelling, diving, climbing, and books. I hope to
 meet every single international student this year, so if you see me, come talk to me!

 Margot Möslinger - Local Representative and Vice-President
 I'm an optimist, sunshine enthusiast, Chai Latte drinker, IR and Industrial Ecology student, love coconuts, my piano, being outdoors,
 and have lots of imagination, energy and ambition.


 Natalie Pommerel - Secretary
 Hi everyone, my name is Natalie and I am doing a Master's in Anthropology. I love to travel, cook, read, and cycle. Looking forward to
 meet you all!


 Marta op den Akker - Treasurer
 Hi! I'm a political science student now studying Italian. I love music, food, friends, reggaeton & to dance, swim, and laugh. We will
 make sure you have the best time here!


 Ana Schröder - Buddies & Clubs Coordinator
 Hey! I'm Ana and I'm studying psychology. I also love to travel and to do sports. Looking forward to meet you!


 Nicolò De Sandre - Activities Officer
 Hey! I'm Nicolò and I'll help you to make the best time of your stay in Leiden. I'm from Milano, now studying Computer Science.
 I love to travel and watch Netflix!