Giulia Pederzani - President
The phrase “keep calm and still be my boardy“ is absolutely made for her. No matter how much things get out of hand, Giulia keeps it all together. Even though she can sometimes be a little quiet, it’s only because she really thinks about what she says, and then she can often give the best advice. Furthermore, she can be very passionate about the things she loves, and the game ‘werewolves’ is certainly among those. She plays piano very well, actively joins the photography club and regularly loses as ‘Italy’ at Foosball .As our best mathematician she greatly supports Alexandra our treasurer and she has also become really  good friend with all of us.              
Beatriz Sannuti de Cavahlo - Secretary, Vice-President
Our Brazilian secretary is the sister we never had. She keeps us all in line and, without her, everything would fall apart. She is our diplomat and she has a kind heart and a big smile for everyone, but turns into a devoted soldier when it comes to protecting something she believes in. She is very strict and extremely reliable with her tasks, as well as very organized and able to push through the occasional unfocused meeting without effort. Beatriz is a great listener and has also turned into a good friend throughout this ISN experience.
Alexandra Charis van Hoek - Treasurer
The wild child of the crew, our treasurer is the faultless guardian of our (small) funds and an undefeatable protector of justice. Nothing gets past her and you don't want to mess with her, but at warm temperatures and fair play, she'll be the sweetest puppy and you'll be sure you can trust her with anything. We call her money Maker. Alex loves to dance and she sings in every opportunity. She is consistent and responsible.
Christiana-Diamantoula Demertzi - Promotion Officer
The promotion officer or more accurately puppet master is our Greek goddess when it comes to organizing the dancers and creating posters. That's her, our greek minion in the flesh! She has the superpower of always keeping our spirits up, with a joke or a smile. Hard worker and trusted friend, you can always count on her. Furthermore, she’s very organized and diligent in fulfilling her tasks for ISN, working hard for her Master’s, and also working two jobs next to all that. It’s amazing how much she is able to juggle.

Vladimir Malaver - Mentor Coordinator & IT Manager
With the fire of a typical Latino, our Mentor Coordinator and IT manager is always out to charm the ladies and steal some hearts. He's often found in the company of a good bottle of beer and has the power of transforming any ‘’gezellig’’ meeting of people into a real kickass party. In three descriptions he would be called :people person, damage controller, party hardy.

Andrea Cosic - Activities Officer
If she told you she had come out of a fairytale, you wouldn't have such a hard time believing her. Our Activities Officer is a good fairy in the flesh, as sweet as honey and with a word of advice for anything. She's also a hard worker and will put her heart into anything she does. Her most used word is ‘’super nice’’.With her phone and her sweet voice, Andrea is always on top of everything. She’s one of the sweetest and kindest persons I’ve met in a while, always trying to make everyone happy, putting her last. Maybe she sometimes comes off as naïve but we all love her for that.

Hilmar Zech - Activities Officer
With his golden curls Hilmar manages to charm everyone that might stand in his way.He is our second activities coordinator.Furthermore, he is very enthusiastic about the theatre club.
Philosopher and spiritual master, always calm and on the balance of inner peace. You would find him as easily in the gym or hiking in the woods and he will never say no to any sport or outdoor activity. You can recognize him by the golden curls or the cute German accent.