Interested in creating another awesome edition of the Cultural Festival? A festival where different cultures gather together to join each other's food and entertainment? Then do not hesitate anymore and apply for the Cultural Festival Committee of 2019.

We are looking for:

President: Leads the meetings,  manages the overall organization of the event and schedules.
Secretary: Takes minutes, manages calender, distributes tasks, helps with overall organization.
Treasurer & Sponsorship Manager: Manages the budget, ensures there is no loss, looks for potential sponsors.
Recruitment & Event Officer: Recruits and guides volunteers and country teams, organizes chill sessions.
Logistics Manager: Takes care of the festival and the after-party
Promotions Manager: Makes sure that the event is promoted by making banners and flyers + video clips and the after-movie.

We guarantee you lots of fun! 

For more information, send an email to . If you're interested in applying, please send us your CV!