SocialErasmus (SE) offers opportunities for international students to get closer to the local community where they can engage in volunteer activities, which will help individual community members or the local community in general.

International students are given the chance to expand their knowledge of other cultures and educational systems, and encouraged to engage in society-beneficial activities, bringing them closer to the local communities they live in. Through various activities centred around charity, education and the environment, SE promotes a pro-social attitude to international students, combining formal and informal education with intercultural experiences. Through the programme, students enrich their curricula, gaining experience, knowledge, openness and love for Europe. 

Bringing people together is an important part of the Erasmus experience – and now we make use of our expansive network to give something back to the local community.

What can you do?

  • Join one of our activities (see below)
  • Join the ISN Leiden SocialErasmus Volunteering Club
  • Write to Alina at with your own idea.

Stuck for ideas? Get inspired by what ESN sections all over Europe do for SocialErasmus.