Meet the ISN board of 2018-2019! 

President & Treasurer | Anna Lin |
Ciao! My name is Anna and I’m a Chinese Italian studying (Dutch) Notarial Law. I live in the Netherlands for 11 years now and I love it. My hobbies; eating really nice food (chicken!), Netflix and play games like WoW. Feel free to approach me! (With or without chicken…)

Local Representative & Vice President | Angel Almendros |
Hey everyone! I am Angel, a psychology student here in Leiden! As you can deduce by my name, I am a very good boy and I like to read and write poems. My two favorite things are spicy dishes, those so intense as to leave your mouth watering for the next time you encounter them. The other is symbolic language. Can't wait to meet you all and keep alive the Leiden dream along this fantastic journey!

Secretary | Michelle Mejía |
Hey! I’m Michelle, currently studying Arts, Media & Society. I enjoy photography, traveling and visiting museums. Also, being Latin American always comes with its perks-love to dance, dance and DANCE! We’ll ensure an amazing time for all of you, hope to meet you all soon!

Activities Officer  | Rémi Olivier |
Hi! I am Rémi, I'm a dutch student finishing my degree in Italian language and culture and I'm a freshman in public administration. I'd love to show you how amazing this town can be for students who want to enhance their study experience, see the dutch culture and, last but not least, who want to party! In Leiden, the dutch student culture is as exciting as it is diverse. Let's experience it together!

Mentor & Clubs Coordinator | Alina Gilson | 
Hey hey! I'm a Master's student of Biomedical Sciences at LUMC from Germany. As Clubs Coordinator it is my job to make sure you can continue the hobbies you enjoy at home on your exchange or even try something new. About myself: I love to travel, eat good food, and go out with friends for a chill drink or go crazy on the dance floor all night long preferably to TRAP music or Techno. Looking forward to meet you all and have a great year together!


Promotions Officer | Hiba Argane | 
Hello hello. I'm a Moroccan third year Psychology student, professional scribbler, and wannabe rapper. My job's to keep our social media popping, so hopefully you'll be spotting yourselves in our photos & staying up to date via our different platforms. Looking forward to meeting all of you ✌🏼

Sponsorship Manager | Stefan Opgenhaeffen |
Hey! I'm Stefan and I'm a Leiden local! I study law and my biggest passion is Feyenoord. My goal is contribute to ISN's growth and further expansion and I look forward to meeting and hanging out with you all!

Cultural Officer | Ishaï Wodon |

Hi! I'm Ishaï. I'm half Belgian, half Dutch but speak Spanish and French as well! Aside from being the master of dad jokes, I study Philosophy and I'm the Cultural Officer of ISN. I look forward to meeting you!