President | Vanessa Abeyawardena | 

Vanessa is a British-born Sri Lankan-Trinidadian and a Third Culture Kid. She lived in London, Colombo, Singapore and Rotterdam before moving to Leiden in January 2013, and is now a Masters student of Clinical Psychology. She likes to practise her French, Sinhalese and Dutch skills, so if you run into her, challenge her! Besides bringing orange blankets to students recovering from culture shock, she writes things (including the cover letter for the ISN Newsletter), sketches, learns languages, plays music, and eats chocolate.


Secretary | Laura Lucas Trujillo |

Laura is a Spanish MSc Biology student. She's lived in Spain, Italy, England, Cameroon and Holland. She is an environmentalist and a conservationist. One of her many dreams is to go to Antarctica and hug an emperor penguin. She loves photography, tea, football, the beach, leopards, penguins, colourful things and generally having a good time. As secretary of ISN, she'll be answering all your e-mails. She looks forward to meeting all you lovely people!


Treasurer | Dominik Klump |

Dominik is a German international master student. Since February 2014 he's been studying Biopharmaceutical Sciences at the science faculty of Leiden University. Besides studying, he likes to make music, play sports and organise group events or even actively participate in them, like the ISN Cultural Festival 2014. Dominik looks forward to sharing his positive experiences as an international student in Leiden and meeting a lot of new international students.


Promotion Officer & IT Manager | Jasper van der Kist |

Jasper is a Dutch student with a multidisciplinary background in Audiovisual Design, Art History, International Relations and Philosophy. In his spare time he listens to a lot of music, reads complicated stuff, plays around with Adobe software and tries to establish peace in the Middle East. He got his first taste of the amazing international atmosphere at ISN Leiden as one of the organisers of the Cultural Festival last year. Now, as the board's Promotion Officer, Jasper is responsible for ISN Leiden's public relations. Whether it's through creating flyers, posters, videos or posts on facebook and the ISN website, he'll certainly find creative and innovative ways to make all you international students excited to be a part of our events!


Activities Officer | Jaimy Vlasblom |

Jaimy is a Dutch student doing her Masters in Economic and Consumer Psychology. After her Erasmus in Italy, she immediately joined the ISN and continue to enjoy the nice international atmosphere. She's crazy and always up for a good party, but also well-organised. After being in the Cultural Festival committee last year, she's looking forward to organising many activities for you!


Activities Officer | Joëlle de Wit |

Joëlle is a Dutch student studying in Leiden. Last year she started her Masters in Education and Child Studies, and then joined the board to further explore her talents. She hopes to meet a lot of nice new people, have some crazy parties and organise lots of fun activities as Activities Officer this year!


Mentor & Clubs Coordinator | Yoran Kremer |

Yoran is a traveller, archaeologist, reader, gamer, writer, photographer, baker of sweets, language enthusiast, fernweh, chocolate junkie, lover of mountains and the sea. He used to run the ISN board games club and organised the ISN Cultural Festival last year. He’s now the Coordinator of ISN’s Mentor Programme and our clubs.