20€/15£ discount on flight bookings
 Travel & Transport


StudentUniverse and ESN have partnered to save Erasmus students money on their travel to and from University!

ESNcard holders now have access to all of StudentUniverse's discounts on travel. This means that you can access exclusively discounted rates for students from major airlines like Ryanair, EasyJet, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, Air France KLM and many more.

ESNcard members can now get an exclusive extra £15 / €20 discount on their first flight purchase at StudentUniverse meaning you can save even more!



How to access the discount

To benefit from the exclusive extra £15/€20 discount, you just need to:

  1. Login with your ESNcard login
  2. Request your discount code on the top-right side of this page
  3. Visit StudentUniverse's website & search for the flights you're looking for
  4. Signup to become a member of StudentUniverse
  5. Enter your unique promo code

To access the StudentUniverse discount code you need to register your ESNcard or login.



StudentUniverse is the world’s leading travel booking site for students and youth. Through negotiations with global airline partners, they offer discounted rates for student and youth travellers to help students achieve their Erasmus study dreams. They are committed to making travel more affordable and a realistic opportunity for as many students as possible to explore their world.

Find out more about StudentUniverse here.