Teddy Balan - President, Treasurer (Aug - Oct 2012)
Ever pass by the common room and wonder who’s that playing the guitar or piano? It’s usually Teddy, our treasurer. An avid musician from Romania, currently in Leiden doing a master in Statistics, this guy’s a wiz with numbers and the 6-string. He considers the ISN Music Club his baby, and is usually found jamming with the students. Being the treasurer he likes to bathe in tubs filled with 250 euro bills, bear in mind though, he does not enjoy Transylvania jokes. Favorite quote: “Calm down guys, stress is not good”

Rafat Denaoui - Vice President & Mentor Coordinator
Born and raised on Curacao, and a proud Lebanese. Currently studying Medicine. This boardmember is always up for a chat, a good prank, and usually spends his time practicing foreign accents. He’ll never turn down a challenge at FIFA and loves video games and music. Besides that he can be seen bossing poor ISN Mentors around, usually letting them run errands such as getting him coffee. Favorite quote: “Aw, !&@$ that ^%@^!”

Barbara Flunkert - Secretary
Barbara, or Babsi (as she is mostly called) our cheerful and ubersweet secretary is currently doing a master in Clinical Psychology. Always punctual and up for a good (Weiss)beer, she handles all of our external communications with German efficiency. She may be the quietest of the group, but she definitely is Miss Reliable, usually saving the other boardmembers’ arses from calamities or shenanigans. Favorite quote: “Hey guys, don’t forget to…."

Bryley Jackson - Activities Officer
The one and only Miss Jackson, and yes she IS for real. Part English, part Aussie and having grown up in Holland, she can definitely enjoy a good Heineken while putting another shrimp on the barbie. Currently studying Education and Child Studies, she is our creative mind with a permanent smile organizing all the fun ISN Activities. Definitely one of the chattier ones on the board, don’t pass up the opportunity to say “Hey” to her. Favorite quote: “That’s … so cool!”

Jason Scannell - Activities Officer
Our very own “dreadlock rasta” Jason Scannell, a true island boy! Born on Curacao and having lived on St. Maarten and in Holland he is currently doing his bachelor’s in Law . Him and Bryley are the activities team, always looking for new events and ideas.  If you ever want to see someone scale a building or pull off a crazy stunt, this is your guy, definitely the adrenaline junkie of the bunch. Favorite quote: “Do you think I can climb that?”

Vincent Bouma - Promotion Officer
The true Dutchman on the board, bringing back “national” in “international”, he is also the youngest. He studies Political Science in Leiden, and enjoys gardening, piano and playing football. Whenever there is an activity he’s the out to give the shout out. He can be found wearing ”klompen” every now and then, but this is a very rare occurrence. Also, never one to turn down a good bet, try him! Favorite quote: “Hehehehe”

Thanos Souliotis - President (Aug - Oct 2012)
The charismatic leader from Greece. Thanos has  been an active member of ISN for a while now,  knowing all the ins and outs. Quite the people person,  and always up for a chat. Sometimes he is mistaken  for Jesus, but he does not seem to mind the religious  fanatics following him every now and then, one regret  though is that he wishes he could, in fact, turn water  into wine. Favorite quote: “In ancient Greece there is  this story….”