ISN Cultural Festival 10th edition: this May/June 2016!

Every year around the beginning of June, the entire Leiden international student community comes together to unite the world in a single event. Participants from all corners of the globe bring food, dance, music, games, and much more to represent the traditions and history of their home countries. Each country team has a display stand for food, small games, and information. A stage is set up for performances of song, dance, skits, and any other kind of creative entertainment. A separate room is used for workshops, where country teams can show how to write their alphabet, give language lessons, instruct a traditional dance, or any fun activity you would like to teach to the community. As a country team, your imagination is your limit.

The ISN Cultural Festival is a unique opportunity to showcase the international diversity of Leiden and share the parts of your childhood, heritage, and home life that are closest to your heart. We would be very excited to have you participate and help us to inspire the city of Leiden through cultural awareness and to gain further appreciation for all traditions of the world. Let’s work together to break down barriers and connect people from different continents, ethnicities, and backgrounds through something that we all have in common: a love for culture and the world around us.

Check out our 2013 video here!

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