It's good to have a roof over your head. Keep in mind that housing in Leiden is quite difficult to find, so it is smart to look for a place to stay several months before you come to study here.

Leiden University Housing is the first place you’ll be directed to when you apply for any programme in Leiden. The University arranges accommodation in cooperation with local housing organisations, usually in the form of short-stay furnished rooms.

Housing agencies include DUWO, which offer furnished rooms for international students.

Facebook: You can usually find ads for places for rent on our Facebook page. You may come across some good offers or at least find somebody you could team up with to find an apartment. Also check out pages called Leiden Housing or Housing in Leiden.

Stichting Roofs is a university-managed foundation where Dutch students can rent out their place for a couple of months to international students. For more info go on their website or you can drop by at Plexus!

There are various websites (in Dutch - tip - use Google Chrome with auto-translation) such as Kamernet, Kamerstart or Kamertje. Be however careful of scams and such - we have no affiliation with these websites.