We are happy to announce that for the very first time, ESN Leiden is organizing a STAND UP PADDLING TOUR through the canals of Leiden!!


Get ready to explore the city in a very special way!

Due to COVID-19 measures, changing rooms aren't open and wetsuits can't be handed out. Therefore, we advise you to wear bathing and sport clothes. Furthermore, please bring a towel in case you fall into the water!


The water route that we will take is the following: Rembrandt Bridge, Apothekersdijk, Nieuwe Rijn, Gangetje, Rapenburg, Vliet, Witte Singel and back to the Amphoraweg over the Rijn


We only have limited spots available so get your ticket soon! 


ESN - Member Ticket: 15 Euro (+1 Euro service fee)

Non - Member Ticket: 20 Euro

(+1 Euro service fee)


Get your ticket here: https://eventix.shop/jz95gysz


20/09/2020 - 15:00
Member Ticket: 15€ + 1€ service fee, Non-Member Ticket: 20€ service fee