Celebrate Leiden Ontzet with ISN!

During the Leids Ontzet, we commemorate the rebellion of Leiden against the Spaniards. This victory, led by Willem van Oranje (William of Orange) had a big impact on the rest of the country and resulted in the creation of the University of Leiden, hutspot and a darn good reason to celebrate! ISN will celebrate the start of Leiden's ontzet with an ‘hutspot dinner’.

For just €10, you’ll have this delicious dutch meal and two drinks at Einstein! Visit us at the Breimer Common Room (Plexus) to sign up. LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE, so be fast :)


History of hutspot: The term hutspot (which can be roughly translated as "shaken pot") is similar to the English term hotchpot and Middle French hochepot, both of which used to identify a type of meat stew with potato and carrot mash that became synonymous with a confused jumble of mixture, later referred to as hotchpotch or hodge-podge. According to legend, the recipe came from the cooked bits of potato left behind by hastily departing Spanish soldiers during their Siege of Leiden in 1574 during the Eighty Years' War, when the liberators breached the dykes of the lower lying polders surrounding the city. This flooded all the fields around the city with about a foot of water. As there were very few high points, the Spanish soldiers camping in the fields were essentially flushed out.

10 euro