As you might already have noticed, ISN isn't the only student organization active in Leiden. The city hosts a huge variety of bigger and smaller Dutch 'frats.' These are typically Dutch, and to international students, they're covered in mysticism and secrecy 🤫...

To help you better understand what these 'frats' are about, Quintus, one of the biggest of all, opens their doors for you for a tour and a workshop: 'How to be a Dutch student' 🇳🇱

You will learn soon enough that, rather than the American 'frat' houses, Dutch ones are actually huge organizations with thousands of members, all brought together in an enormous building. They will teach you all the ins and outs of this peculiar part of the Dutch culture!

Interested? Get your TICKET now! It includes:
♦️ Three-course dinner @ Quintus' restaurant + 4 beverages
♦️ Tour and a workshop by members of Quintus
♦️ After-drinks in the main area of the Quintus building

Join us in discovering the world of the Dutch 'frats,' and learn how to:
♦️ Execute mores (unwritten rules)
♦️ Choose a dispuut (smaller official group of members within the organization)
♦️Play different Dutch student games, like 'zooien,' 'strepen' and much more!

Ticket prices:
- Members: €12,- (plus 1€ service costs online)
- Non-members €15,- (plus 1€ service costs online)

Get your tickets now at our Common room or online at:

26/02/2019 - 18:00 to 22:00