Always wanted to celebrate a traditional Dutch or German Carnival event? Do you love to dress up in funny costumes and dance around a city the whole day? If so Carnival is a must see event for you!
On the 3rd of March we will be departing from almost every major city in the Netherlands to the biggest street Carnival in The Netherlands: Maastricht. After a city tour in the oldest city of the country you will be able to see the massive parade and afterwards join 6 ESN sections in the celebration!
And if that isn't enough you can also join on the 4th of March when we visit Rosenmontag in Cologne, the biggest Carnival in Western Europe. Of course we will see the cultural side of the city first, followed by another parade and party.

-------- Important info --------
3rd of March: Maastricht trip:
Departuring cities and times (subject to change)
The Hague (08:45), Leiden (08:00), Amsterdam (08:30), Utrecht (9:30), Leeuwarden (06:00), Groningen (07:00)

4th of March: Cologne trip:
Maastricht (08:45), Amsterdam (08:45), Utrecht (09:45)

We depart to home from Maastricht and Cologne at 23:00.

The price is € 29 euro per trip per person and includes the following:
Transportation in a touringcar
City Tour
Experienced guides
Drinking games hosted by ISN Maastricht (Maastricht trip)
An unforgettable experience.
You can find more info on
Tickets are available here!

03/03/2019 - 06:00