The biggest national festivity of the Netherlands is approaching: Sinterklaas! 

Sinterklaas will arrive in Leiden with his parcels boat on November 22. ISN will gather at 11:00 in the common room to have a nice hot chocolate and some kruinoten (ginger nuts), and at 11:30 we will go to the Beestenmarkt. At 12:00 hrs the large Blauwpoortsbrug (bridge) will open and the Sint will arrive with his Zwarte Pieten. 

During his arrival there will be a lot of music and candy, and of course a lot of kids. In the end it is a celebration for the children. After this the Sint and his helpers will make a tour of the city with Sint on his white horse Amerigo and he will arrive at the Stadhuisplein at 14:00 hrs. There, the Pieten will hand out hundreds of kilo’s of kruidnootjes. You can join this tour as well!

22/11/2014 - 11:00
  • Everyone is invited.