What happens when we rely on sound rather than vision to interpret our surroundings? Indeed, our ears become our eyes and the world is suddenly a different place. 

When it comes to meeting other people, the information we are and are not getting can be of great influence in what kind of person we perceive them to be. Are we better at ‘seeing’ others for the kind of person they truly are when we are blindfolded? Or will we be truly 'left in the dark'?

Be part of our little experiment and participate in the Speed Meeting event on 21 April, hosted by Leiden United and ISN Leiden (Official).

Be amazed by the difference that a blindfold can make during short conversations, and find out at the drink afterwards if you can find the mysterious people you’ve been talking to!

Participation costs only €5 and includes snacks and two drinks.

Limited spots available, so sign up fast!

Sign up can be done at the ISN Common Room during office hours (Mo-Thu, 15:00-19:00).

21/04/2015 - 20:00
  • Everyone is invited.