Applications now open!

An increasing amount of international students are coming to study in The Hague, at Leiden University but also at other institutions. But there is no such thing as ESN or ISN in The Hague. This is why we decided to start up a The Hague Committee with the support of Leiden University. This new committee is responsible for organizing weekly social drinks, and making sure that there’s enough to do for every international student in The Hague, all with the support of the current board of ISN Leiden.

We are looking for four committee members, for the following positions:

This person will be in charge, and most of all, on top of everything. He or she has to make sure that everyone is doing their tasks and nothing gets left behind. This is also the person who is closest to the ISN Board.

Treasurer/Secretary (Treasurtary)
For organising activities in The Hague, the ISN board has a set apart some money. The Treasurtary is in control of this money and is in close contact with the Treasurer of the Board (Gabbie). He or she has to make sure that there’s a budget for every activity and keep track of all spendings and income. The Treasurtary also makes sure that all their e-mails get answered.

Activities Officer
The Activities Officer makes sure there’s something to do in The Hague. Beside the occasional theme for the weekly social drinks, there’s a lot more to plan! Think of activities like ice skating, jam sessions, movie nights, dinners, pub crawls, visits to museums, and parties! The Activities Officer is in charge of all these activities, but will obviously get help from his or her committee members as well. This person will also work together with the Activities Officer from the Board (Pia). 

Promotions & Partnerships Officer
The Promotions & Partnerships Officer makes sure that the international students of (and around) The Hague know what is going on, ISN-wise. He or she makes pretty Facebook banners, posters and flyers, so that lots of people come to every activity. The Promotions & Partnerships Officer will work together with the Promotions Officer in the Board (Nels). This person is also in charge of partnerships, so that the committee, and every student in The Hague gets good deals out of their ESNcard. It’s their job to make sure that both the students and the partners are happy. 

The whole The Hague Committee will, as can be read in the different descriptions, work closely together with the ISN Board. The contact persons within the Board are Nels (Promotions) and Marinka (Secretary). For more info, feel free to send an e-mail to . If you are interested in applying, please send your CV to us before March 6th.