ESN the Netherlands is proud to announce Unbabel as a new national partner. 

Unbabel is a human quality translation service. By combining Machine with Human Translation they capture the best of both worlds: the speed and scale of machine and crowd translation, key for the quick turnaround and large content volumes, and the Human Quality, indispensable for communication to flow, connecting companies and people. Right now Unbabel has more than 14.000 editors and they are growing fast! Current customers of Unbabel include companies like Coursera, Yummly and Microsoft.

With this partnership we will meet the demand of many Erasmus students who studied in the Netherlands in the past. People always wondered if it was possible to find a job in the Netherlands, and if so, where? Now, we offer everyone the opportunity to earn a decent income, whenever you want, wherever you want. It’s simple, sign up at, pass the entry exams to prove your level and start translating and earning money.

For any questions: Send an email to