Hey everybody! Lets try and forget that the Netherlands has not qualified for the European Cup and keep our spirits high.

ISN is giving you the opportunity to win glory for your nation and win the ISN World Cup 2015. Prove how International ISN Leiden truly is and sign up your country for this prestigious tournament.

Let’s make it happen guys! Sign up your teams on this page by adding a team name and mentioning the players on your team. Your team will then be added to the roster.

The tournament will be held as follows:

- 5 vs. 5 players in 15 minute matches

- 5-7 players per team. The playing 5 might be exchanged any time during the match.

- no gender restriction. Mixed teams are encouraged!

- if your allegiance lies with another nationality than your own you are free to belong to any country of your choice (be it real or fictional)

- teams should wear recognizably matching colors to represent their country

- each participant makes a donation of 3€ to help cover to expenses (rental fee, refreshments, etc.)

- the tournament will be held indoors

- play fair!

Please note that we cannot confirm this event 100% yet since we need sufficient participants. It is up to you to make it happen by signing up your teams.

Let’s find out who the dominating football force in Leidens international community is.

29/11/2015 -
12:30 to 18:30