Bérenger, a small-town monsieur tout-le-monde becomes witness to a mysterious phenomenon. As the town’s people start turning into rhinoceroses, he and his friends are confronted to existential questions they cannot seem to answer: what is moral? What is against nature? Who is right? 

This three-act play by Eugene Ionesco is one of the staples of post-war avant-garde drama current: the theatre of the absurd. Through putting the characters in an absurd situation, the play reflects on themes such as conformity, responsibility, logic, mass movements, philosophy and morality. It explores the role of individuality in the mob mentalities and conservatism of small towns. Herewith, this play remains timeless, and the themes still applicable to modern society: what role and moral obligations do we carry faced with situations we consider morally wrong? How do we react in the face of otherness? Where does tolerance end and ignorance begin?

The play will have a running time of 3h10, including an intermission half-way. Food and drinks will not be available, you are however welcome to bring your own to consume during the break. 

09/12/2018 - 19:00 to 22:00
Leids Volkshuis
Apothekersdijk 33a
2312 DD Leiden
€6 (€8 for Non-Members)